Remote Support

Sometimes, the best way to help a computer user solve a problem is to just fix it for them. Each of our computer professionals has a host of tools, resources, and reference material available to solve your problem, including sophisticated software that enables the technician to perform remote diagnostics, and even show you the solution - right on your screen and in real-time!

Using the latest "screen-sharing" technology, your technician will have the ability to securely connect to your computer and solve your problem while you watch. But, don't worry: you're still in charge of your computer! We only see what you see. And, of course, you have the power to stop screen-sharing at any time with the push of a button.

With a single call, your technician can help you with almost any computer problem. We support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and all Windows Server Versions. Need help removing spyware or adware? No problem. Internet or Email problems? You bet. Computer running slower than it should? Let us give it a tune up remotely!


The connection process
step-by-step . . .


Step 1 - Call 404-551-3785 to be assigned a technician.

Step 2 - Choose one of the options below as instructed.

1. Click here to initiate screen-sharing.

2. Click here to install our support agent.


Step 3 - Select "Run" or "Open" when prompted.

The remote control connection is immediately established with your help desk representative allowing them to see your desktop and control the remote mouse and keyboard on the your computer system in real-time, just like being there in person.

DONE! - Connected!

It's simply that quick and easy!

Your technician will advise you of the step he must take to diagnose and resolve your computer issues. You can chat with them real-time, or communicate with them over the telephone. You will be able to see exactly what they are doing and can ask questions at any time. Your technician will inform you of the expected time required to complete the process and let you know if he needs your assistance with anything such as entering passwords if a reboot is required.

When the process is complete, the technician with uninstall the screen-sharing application and contact you by phone or email with the results. When you are satisfied that your service was a success, we will then submit your invoice via email which can be paid using any major credit card. Although we use Paypal for payment processing, you are NOT required to have a Paypal account.